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LaTeX Math

Streamlined integration of LaTeX in Confluence. Insert inline symbols, numbered block equations and more.

Numbered Captions

Add formatted captions to tables and images including automatic numbering. Link to your content from anywhere in Confluence.

And more

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This was the first time reaching out for support and I have to say that the experience was top notch! … Awesome! Well done! Paul DeSousa

Global IT Manager, Comsol

Their support is terrific and this proves why plugins are a much better alternative to feature-heavy enterprise products! Go TEAM! Kim Zwik

Senior Development Operations Engineer, Moody's Corporation

Excellent plugin to integrate Latex into Confluence… Excellent and highly recommended. Jon Lederman

Co-Founder, SonicCloud Engineering

Great plugin and great support! Kevin Cagle

Business Analyst, Micron Technology

Support info

We strive to provide excellent support. Please use our Service Desk or email us at

For quickest possible resolution, please provide the following information:

  • the version of Confluence or other Atlassian application you are using,
  • the add-on name and version you are using,
  • if possible, relevant information regarding the issue you are facing including log files, steps to reproduce, screenshots, etc.
  • the web browser used and its version number.
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